Domino Exec

Fabric: Black
Sale price$612.00


ser:                      Up to 135kg

Mech:                     Sync – T718

Back:                     490W x 500H

Seat:                      500W x 460D Seat Height from 420 to 530

Cert:                      AFRDI 142 Rated Load, AFRDI Level 6, GECA, Australian Made, Fire

                              Retardant, Anti-Bacterial

Fabric:                   Made to order in any fabric, leather, or vinyl

Warranty:               10 years

View our different indigenous fabrics here. Fabric Brochure

Since it was first introduced in 1995 the Domino has under gone a number of transformations. The latest variation has improved lumbar support and adjustment. The durability and functionality allows this mesh chair to offer great support throughout the workplace.

With a polished alloy high-arch base For users up to 135kg, as certified by AFRDI 142-Rated Load. Lockable Synchronised Mechanism with adjustable tension control.
Seat slide to provide more depth for the user. Optional Italian Designed multi-directional 3D arms.

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