Unveiling Madji Indigenous Furniture: Where Tradition Meets Innovation. Transform your commercial spaces across Australia and New Zealand with our exclusive range, featuring exquisite Indigenous designs meticulously crafted by First Nations artists.

Proudly made in Brisbane, Queensland, each piece embodies heritage and excellence. Elevate your surroundings with Madji's unparalleled craftsmanship today.

Our Artist

Sheldon is a proud Widjabal artist from the Bundjalung Nation on the Far North Coast of New South Wales. He has been painting, designing and creating for more than 10 years. He is continuing to learn and share the knowledge that has been passed down through his family.

“My art is more than just tangible objects, it also encompasses values, kinship systems, ways of learning and teaching, communicating and decision making through our way of knowing and doing. As Aboriginal Knowledge is alive, living and moving within the country that it belongs to.”

Sheldon’s Facebook


Madji Logo

This design is an articulation of MADJI that holds a deeper philosophical translation. Underpinning the relational understanding of Respect, Growth, Nurture and Connections asways of learning, teaching and communicating our way of knowing and doing. Visually recognizing and respecting the individual paths coming together to create a space for Madji to emerge. Respecting and working with the strengths of each to build agency within self and community. With the knowledge, respect and compassion of all flowing through working as one.

Each “pattern” of the logo in the middle shows;

Respect – straight line pattern

‘Respecting all things as equal, respecting the relations and connections, where we fit and how we fit in relation to all things.’

Growth – scale pattern

‘Growth in knowledge, capacity and agency in community’

Nurture – feather pattern

‘Nurturing the connections within families, community and country’

Connections – strength – cross hatch pattern

‘Building strong foundations through the connections and working as one’

Our Team

Madji Directors, Saia and Anthony Faingaa are committed to contributing to the broader community, and have done so since the early 2000’s. As former professional Rugby Union players, the Faingaa twins have used their public profile to participate in philanthropic activities, to develop meaningful connections and partnerships and expand their entrepreneurial portfolio. Madji was established when the Faingaa twins realised the potential of incorporating Indigenous designs into commercial office spaces.

Saia and Anthony’s Grandmother was part of the Stolen Generation, belonging to the Bundjalung mob from the north east coast of Australia.  As proud Aboriginal men, the Faingaa twins believe that Indigenous businesses are an integral pillar in a strong national economy. Saia and Anthony aim to build Indigenous participation through direct employment and through developing a cross cultural enterprise

Madji’s employment diversity is industry leading and something we are extremely proud of. We employ 60% women and 20% Indigenous staff compromising of account managers, project manager, marketing assistants, interior designers and delivery/installation staff.

With staff averaging around 20 years in the commercial furniture industry we strive to consistently improve on processes, best practices in sustainability, safety and quality assurance.





Madji Indigenous Furniture has extensive experience in the furniture industry. Our staff have worked with an array of clients from various industries including healthcare, education and hospitality. Enquire now if you would like to see examples of some of our past projects.